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The Privada Blue Lonsdale

AKA No Puppets Allowed AKA Chocolate OatmealCookie That’s a mouthful. The latest from the guys at Privada Cigar Club and LCA (Limited Cigar Association) has arrived at OGT and will be available at midnight on Thursday/Friday morning! Remember the much-coveted Cookie Monster Lancero released last year, well they got another one and it’s going to […]

Blackbird and Cigar Culture Hawk Cigar

Blackbird Cigar is one of the hottest brands out of the DR. Some of their blends like the Crow, Unkind, and Cuco are absolute favorites here at OGT. I am always on the lookout for some of the new things that Jonas Santana might be releasing. So I was… enraptured? Maybe that’s too far. Needless […]

Three Kingdoms Cigar from Stolen Throne

Lee Marsh launched his brand, Stolen Throne, with one blend in two sizes. The Crook of the Crown San Andreas by Stolen Throne stood alone at the beginning. This rich, luscious closed foot was presented in a 6×52 Toro and 5×50 Robusto. Although it was a small launch, the Crook gained recognition for its deep […]

Black Label Trading Green Hornet Cigar

James Brown of Black Label Trading and Black Works Studio has a knack for blending Nicaraguan Tobacco. Originally he released a small petite corona called the Killer bee, a Maduro wrapped cigar with a small twist of Ecuadorian Connecticut. If you have ever had the pleasure of smoking this one, you know why it is […]

Stallone Clydesdale Cigar

The Newest release from Stallone Cigars is hitting the shelves of OGT this week. That’s right, none other than the Stallone Clydesdale Limited Edition. With only 1000 boxes produced, this is a cigar not to miss. The Stallone Clydesdale cigar is a full-bodied, full-strength smoke. Indicative of its name, this massive cigar is produced only […]

Fat Patty with Onions Cigar from LCA and Privada Cigar Club

The newest LCA drop is here and it’s going to be a fast-moving one. It is said that this one is the most limited stick to date, even more than the BBQ Pig or Thia Tea from the previous drops. The Fat Patty with Onions is a 6.5 x 55 box-pressed beauty. The wrapper is […]

Stolen Throne Cigars Call to Arms Sumatra

Stolen Throne Cigars have made a pretty big splash in the industry. This, perhaps, is somewhat surprising due to the fact they launched with only one blend! The Crook of the Crown Mexican San Andreas was the first and only blend released by Stolen Throne in the Beginning. Later, after being met with much success, […]

Cigar Clowns Cigar AVB October release

It’s always a special journey to find rare and awesome sticks for the OGT Cigar Society. Some amazing cigars have come through our membership – Leaf By James, Crook of the Crown, Filthy Viking Lancero, and so on. This upcoming month’s release is no different. OGT Cigar Society has the honor of featuring the AVB […]

David and Goliath Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142

Nick Melillo, creator, and blender of Foundation Cigar Company has announced another special addition to his portfolio. Foundation Cigar has just released the David and Goliath short perfecto vitolas in the Havana Seed blend. Originally, these special sizes were seen in his Broadleaf Tabernacle released October 2020. Now he has capped the twin blends off […]

Privada Ghost Series V2 10 Packs

This makes me so happy.I contacted Privada Cigar Club (LCA) and inquired about getting the Boo Teek Cuqui 10 pack here in the shop. Clark, who is an awesome dude, informed me unfortunately it is only a Privada exclusive. Understandable, unfortunate but understandable. It looks like an amazing stick.HOWEVER!A day later I get a text […]