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Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Maduro

At the beginning of 2022, our membership, the OGT Cigar Society, experienced Nicaraguan Corojo tobacco at its finest in the highly sought-after Aganorsa Aniversario Corojo. Each member received a five-pack of the Natural Corojo blend in a 5 x54 gran Robusto vitola. Now that we are halfway into the year, it’s time to revisit Corojo […]

OGT Cigar Society Tyler Durden by Proscrito Cigars

At the beginning of 2022, I said that OGT Cigars is on a mission. We are now starting to see that come to fruition. The July drop for the OGT Cigar Society comes from a smaller cigar company, but one with much to offer. Many months ago, I tasted a cigar that sported a rustic, […]

Privada Jouët Champagne Series by LCA Cigars and Privada Cigar Series

Dropping June 2nd 9pm CA time/12am CA time. The second installment in the Privada Champagne series is now here- or is it the first? I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I am going to stick with the second. The first we saw come through was the complex Lancero Champagne No. 1 […]

Lalibela Lancero by Black Star Line Cigars

Black Star Line Cigars has added to their portfolio but in the form of a smaller ring gauge. Among their blends like the War Witch Connecticut or the Dark War Witch that uses Aganorsa Corojo 99, lies their heavy hitting strong Maduro called Lalibela. Lalibela is a dark, oily San Andres wrapped cigar with binders […]

1491 Cigar by Chico Rivas and LCA

The LCA plus cigar for June 2022 has landed! Chico Rivas is at it again with his release through Privada Cigar Club and LCA. The last time we saw something from Chico in the LCA was the ‘From Chico’ stick. A beautifully complex cigar that sported a platinum blond in a bikini pointing a revolver […]

Subterraneo Cigars by AJ Fernandez and Privada Cigar Club, What does this mean for the Cigar Industry?

Subterraneo Hydrar (Badger) cigar, Habano Hybrid 5.5×60 Gordo. Tasting Notes – Dark Chocolate, Pepper, Earth, and Oak. Subterraneo Kaliumcolel (Green Skull) Sungrown Habano 6×46 Corono. Notes – Spice, sweetness, sandalwood, light coffee. Subterraneo Cuprumapo (Red Skull) Habano Maduro 6×56 Toro. Notes – Esspresso, cedar, pepper, and light sweetness. All three blends are a from a […]

Santa Muerte Barrio Santo Maduro from Black Label Trading Co.

Dark. Oily. Rich. Cocoa. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about the event only Santa Muerte Barrio Santo from Black Label Trading Co. The original Santa Muerte was a limited release (Once a year) from BLTC and featured an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with fillers from the Dominican, Mexico, and […]

Cigar Clowns Heartbreaker Cigar

May 20th 9pm CA time/12am est. Here comes the drop. Cigar Clowns are at it again, and this time their latest cigar comes in the form of a box pressed maduro called the Heartbreaker. Each cigar is placed in a five pack, packaged in black and with the main label stickered on front, much like […]

War Witch Corona by Black Star Line Cigars

Who is Black Star Line Cigars? What is the War Witch Connecticut? Where do Black Star Line Cigars acquire their tobacco? Hopefully, if any of these questions arose in your mind, this will answer them. For many years, the owner and blender of Black Star Line cigars Adetola Wimberly-Bey or ‘Aric’ worked as a firefighter […]

Subterraneo Cigars from Privada Cigar Club and AJ Fernandez

There is great excitement, buzz, and maybe even confusion surrounding the set of cigars known as Subterrneo. Aside from the knee-jerk reaction of “Gotta catch them all” there is an intricate legend behind these sticks, as well as a master blender. Here is a brief breakdown: It harkens back to a local legend in Central […]