Stallone Broadleaf Cigar, power and smoke

Stallone Cigars, blended and created by Tony Barrios, are a fantastic lineup of strength and richness coming out of Nicaragua. Originally, Tony released six different blends under the name the Cowboy Series cigars. This line included an array of fine tobaccos and various blends. On the mild to the medium side he made the Stallone Palamino Connecticut and the Stallone Habano, on the medium to full he has a Corojo and a Nicaraguan puro Maduro, and finally for his strongest offering he has the Castano San Andreas and the Broadleaf. The Stallone Connecticut Broadleaf seems to be the most full-bodied of the cowboy series.

The Stallone Broadleaf brings power to the blend, unlike the others. Typically, and I use that word somewhat loosely, Broadleaf tobacco has a strength to it from light up, and mellows a little as you smoke it, presenting this creamy, dark chocolate flavor. Stallone’s Broadleaf is a little different. It appears more rustic to the eye and offers fuller notes of dusty wood, pepper, earth, and only cocoa sweetness on the back end. This causes this particular broadleaf to stand separate for me other than normal Connecticut broadleafs.

If you enjoy a stronger, meatier stick, then the Stallone Broadleaf might be something for you to try. This is a full, complex cigar with a force to be reckoned with.

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