Intemperance EC XVIII – Connecticut Faith by Roma Craft Tobac

Wrapper • Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade. Binder • Indonesia. Filler • Nicaraguan & Dominican. 5×50 Short Perfecto

Roma Craft is no stranger to the OGT humidor, in fact, we are happy to say we are fortunate to carry most of their lines. Whether it’s the Cromagnon series, Intemperance, or even neanderthal, Roma Craft’s blends are rich, unique, and deeply complex. It is not a wonder their Connecticut shade offering stands out. The wrapper is light, veiny, and seamless to the eye. The foot is just a little unfinished, exposing binder and filler by just a hair. I am curious to see what this does to the taste as I get into this. Without further ado?

1st/3rd First light-up is decently peppery, with notes of grass and dry alfalfa. Perhaps something more syrupy? Maple? Maybe Molasses hangs on the back of the tung? But it is very, very faint. Maybe I just wanted pancakes this morning and it is affecting my taste. As the burn continues and moves to the wrapper, the pepper explodes for a moment. However, as it makes its way down the cigar, and more wrapper leaf enters the game, the pepper goes to sleep and is being replaced with a pleasent measure of creaminess. The burn is sharp and the draw is effortless. We will see how this plays out…

2nd/3rd More Alfalfa. Caramel. Cream. Black Pepper. That maple taste, the one that I was thinking about during breakfast, is not a figment of the imagination. But it also isn’t Maple. Maybe I am just getting confusing? What I mean to say is that it is caramel, and it is more prominent as I move into the 2nd 3rd. A healthy splash of black pepper remains in the back, with hints of toasted nut. The burn and smoke output continue to satisfy. we will see how that transitions at the end of the 3rd.

3rd/3rd The strength remains at the medium, the pepper has backed off a little, and the cream has become prominent. I enjoy the consistency of strength as I smoke it to the end. Unlike some blends, the final notes aren’t bitter or overbearing.

Conclusion. Rating finished at an 89 78 base rate • Duration 2 • Burn 2 • Draw 2 • Flavor 4 Pairing suggestion – I can definitely see this as a coffee cigar. A straight black coffee would highlight the sweetness, or a bit of cream and sugar in the cup of joe would complement the caramel I find in the blend.

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