LCA The Diver Cigar

LCA The Diver drops Thursday, November 3rd at 9pm CA time/12am est.

It’s time, finally time, for a Connecticut Broadleaf cigar in the LCA. If you have read some of my past blogs, you know that I am a fan of the leaf from the Connecticut river valley. Particular people have the magic touch with it; Nick Melillo, Steve Saka, Paul Stulac, and a few others. Something I have noticed, however, when it comes to cigars that use the Broadleaf, it can vary in shade, color, and of course, taste. Some Broadleaf wrappers are dark as midnight, while others are on the lighter side. For the new LCA The Diver cigar, it appears to be the ladder. While being very textured, with prominent veins running up the body, the wrapper doesn’t have that intimidating darkness. Brian Desind of Privada Cigar Company put out the following statement:

“The depths of our planet’s oceans are rife with unmistakable mysteries. More of our solar
system has been mapped than has our ocean floor, giving rise to the question of what is
truly happening down there. The diver adorning the band of this cigar seeks adventure and finds
delight in exploring the unknown and unfamiliar residing in the depths of the seas. As you smoke
this blend, you will likely relate to the diver that stares at you from the band as you explore new
and never before seen tobaccos and experience unfamiliar yet captivating flavors that excite the
senses. The flavor profile dances between unexpected notes of espresso, cocoa, citrus,
buttercream, and a deeply satisfying umami. This 6×54 blend has been aged for 2 years and
features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Colombian binder, and fillers from Estelí, Nicaragua;
Jamastran, Honduras; and Jamaica. For even the most seasoned of cigar smokers, prepare for
The Diver to refine all you think you know about the limits of what tobacco can achieve.”

I have a lot of excitement for the Diver. Not only for the wrapper leaf but also for interesting tobaccos like a Colombian binder and fillers from Jamastran and Jamaica. It is not common, in fact very rare, to see Jamaican tobacco in cigars these days. As usual, with all the other LCA cigars, this cigar is a midnight drop on Thursday, November 3rd at 9pm CA time/12am est. Don’t miss this truly unique experience from the LCA. I anticipate this cigar being very different from releases in the past.

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