Black Label Trading Green Hornet Cigar

James Brown of Black Label Trading and Black Works Studio has a knack for blending Nicaraguan Tobacco. Originally he released a small petite corona called the Killer bee, a Maduro wrapped cigar with a small twist of Ecuadorian Connecticut. If you have ever had the pleasure of smoking this one, you know why it is so popular; it has deep flavors of roasted coffee beans, dark cocoa, earth, and glimmers of sweetness.

After the popularity of the Killer Bee Cigar, James followed it up with the Green Hornet. The sequel differs from its original counterpart in various ways. The first eye-catching difference is the twist of Candela at the head and the small green leaf capping the foot. The Hornet, being a closed foot, offers a unique light up if you skip the initial toasting element. The light, sweet, creaminess of the candela wrapper really comes through. After the burn snakes up the cigar, the heavier notes of pepper, espresso, and dark chocolate start to take hold. The initial transition is something truly special on the Hornet.

The Green Hornet Cigar is also slightly longer than the Bee, bing a 5×48, edging on the side of a small robust. The Bee is, as mentioned, a 4.5×46. Furthermore, if you are looking for a box of Hornets, it might be more accessible, given the fact it’s in a traditional 20ct box, unlike the Bee’s 24ct.

All in all both the Killer Bee and Green Hornet are a definite must-try from Black Label Trading and Black Works Studio.


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