Robot Fumador LCA plus cigar hits Oak Glen Tobacconist

This is a very interesting prospect. It’s not often when we are presented with an equation such as this. The name of the blender, the blend, and the country of origin are unknown. Confusing? There is a story to it. Clark from Privada Cigar Club and LCA cigars was quoted for saying the following:

“Early in his career, Stephen King began struggling with the question of whether his momentous success was due purely to luck or true superior talent. In an attempt to answer this question, King secretly published 7 novels between 1977 and 1982 under the pseudonym, Richard Bachman. You see, King wanted to know if people would love his writing as much if his name wasn’t attached to it. Mr. Robot is the pseudonym of one of our industry’s blenders. This individual wanted to test and see if his cigars were as good as he thinks. We know nothing about this cigar’s blend and have been sworn to secrecy regarding the blender’s true identity, but know this: Mr. Robot is waiting for your reviews.”

So knowing this, immediately my curiosity was spiked. Now it is time to put the detective hat on and investigate. From the look of the wrapper, it appears almost Habano in nature; a natural sun-grown hew is over the wrapper leaf. On the dry draw, I get Peanut Butter, earth, and wood, this also leads me to believe Habano. On light up, I get pepper on the retro, definitely earth, and wood, with subtle hints of that sweetness. As it continues the pepper mellows and the brown sugar steps up. More of that oaky, maybe cedar, wood, and prominent earth. The burn seems to hold well and the draw is a dream.

In conclusion, I suspect Nicaragua. The blend, to me, seems definitely Habano or Corojo in nature; the sweetness makes me lean more on the Corojo side. From the look of the label, I want to say Matt Booth? From the taste, AJ, perhaps? I can’t be too sure. I absolutely enjoy this cigar and it is well constructed. I definitely enjoy this cigar and look forward to revisiting it. Another great stick from Privada Cigar Club and the LCA.

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