AJ Fernandez Enclave Diademas

AJ Fernandez Enclave Habano

Wrapper • Ecuador Habano. Binder • Cameroon . Filler • Nicaraguan. 6.5×52 Diademas (Figurado)

This cigar is beautifully shaped, I believe it’s what he calls a Diademas. Tapered at both ends, it’s striking, to say the least. The wrapper is a medium, earthy brown, with faint, but visible veins. This is a Habano wrapper, which suggests pepper, but the binder is a Cameroon and may add a measure of underlined sweetness. An even shine of oil covers the leaf, this cigar should be interesting. let’s see…

1st/3rd Light pepper. Earth. Steak? Something savory. A hint of sweetness on the backend, and seems to be growing as I get more into it. The draw at first is tight, as is typical with figurados, but opens like a flower as the burn continues. Speaking of a flower, I almost get a rose pedal sweetness on the finish. The burn couldn’t be sharper. The even black line wraps around the base of the ash like a shell casing. I am intrigued.

2nd/3rd Earthy. The amount of earth has murdered the pepper to an afterthought. The sweetness remains on the backend, but still there. A mash potato creaminess has come forward. It may sound silly, but if you have a smattering of mash potatoes sprinkled very lightly with black pepper, then, take a hefty whiff of a fallen oak leaf- boom. If that makes sense? Smoke output, per the usual for AJ, is perfect.

3rd/3rd Final thoughts. I have had this cigar before, however, I never noticed how complex it truly is. The pepper makes a resurgence at the end, moving forward on the mash potato flavor. The earthiness remains, but definitely sweeter. The burn remains strong and clean.

Conclusion. Rating finished at an 91 78 base rate • Duration 2 • Burn 4 • Draw 3 • Flavor 4 Pairing suggestion – Bourbon on this one. I think something light might compliment well, or if you wanted to go with something stronger it might bring the sweetness out more.

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