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Drops Thursday, March 2nd at 9pm CA time/12am est. Who wants coffee and donuts, and [...]

LCA Plus W.A. Whitman by AJ Fernandez

“Let’s go have a drink and smoke a cigarette.” The next installment of LCA’s W.A. [...]

February LCA Massacre Lonsdale 6.5×46

LCA Massacre drops Thursday, Feb. 2nd at 9pm CA time/12am est. Seven Victims. Four Killers. [...]

LCA Plus Dragon Fruit by Blackbird 5.5×54

LCA Plus Dragon Fruit, the drop for LCA February 2023. LCA and Blackbird cigars? A [...]

LCA Año Viejo 2023 by AJ Fernandez

Thursday, Jan. 5th at 9pm CA time/12am est. The sequel to last year’s turn of [...]

LCA Plus Mexican Hot Chocolate Cigar

Winter season is here, and it looks to be a cold one. Generally, my smoking [...]

LCA Corporal Napoleon Cigar by Privada Cigar Club

LCA Drop is happening this Thursday at 9pm CA time/12am est! What is it? Good [...]

LCA Plus Red Ryder Robusto by AJ Fernandez

It’s the holiday season, and what do I enjoy more than spending time with family, [...]

LCA Reserva Vintage 2022 by Privada Cigar Club and Christian Eiroa

It is here! The much anticipated annual release of the LCA Reserva Vintage! Each year, [...]

LCA The Diver Cigar

LCA The Diver drops Thursday, November 3rd at 9pm CA time/12am est. It’s time, finally [...]