OGT From The Vault 11 Pack Sampler


The Ultimate OGT Exclusive sampler pack! The Vault has been opened, and now you can experience some of the legendary, exclusive projects we have done with our favorite blenders! Enjoy incredible blends like the Knuckle Sandwich Upper Cut (OGT #2 Cigar of the year), Aganorsa Now I Have A Machine Gun, Cigar Clowns Goldie, and more! Save over 28% of this LOADED sampler pack!

OGT From The Vault 11 Pack Sampler Includes

1x OGT Exclusive Bloody Knuckle Upper Cut Toro

1x OGT Exclusive Bleak Midwinter 2

1x Viva La Vida 5th Anniversary Jester Flat Belicoso

1x Cigar Clowns King of Clowns Toro

1x Black Works Tiger Lilly

1x OGT Exclusive Now I Have A Machine Gun Toro

1x Cigar Clowns X Chaffiot Goldie Corona

1x OGT Exclusive Stallone IV Aniversario (OGT Cigar of the Year 2023)

1x OGT Exclusive Aganorsa Leaf Elixir

1x Dissident Heretic Corona Larga

1x Drew Estate Norteno Toro

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