Sinatra Coffee Pairing With Luis Cuevas Sept. 19th


Meet Luis Cuevas of Casa Cuevas cigars! Join us on Sunday, Sept. 19th at 9:30am for coffee and cigars and blender of Casa Cuevas, Luis Cuevas. Recently he released the new Corojo Patrimonio and it is here at OGT Cigars! Pair some fine smokes and meet the blender himself.

It is no secret cigars go well with a good cup of joe, and now you can experience it to its fullest. Join us Saturday, Sept. 19th at 9:30 am for our official coffee/cigar tasting. The morning not only includes a great selection of coffee pairers but also a signature Wilshire’s apple turnover.

Don’t miss this private morning event- RSVP quickly since spots are limited.
$45 per ticket/cigar
Ticket includes:
3 Cigars
Gourmet coffee and an Apple Turnover.

Call us at (909) 913-7768 or message us to hold your spot.



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