OGT Live Ep.15 with Privada Cigar Club and LCA

Friday, May 7th at 2pm (California time)
We have been a part of the LCA since the beginning, and received amazing cigars each month since! Now LCA has opened LCA plus and this month we are getting the Hot Cakes Chocolate cake from HVC! Join the conversation between OGT and Privada Cigar Club, and order your Hot Cakes for the show!
Scheduled Friday at 2pm, pst.
Order the cigar now!
5 Pack of HVC Hot Chocolate Cake
Coming soon…
Scheduled Friday at 2pm, pst.
Be with us Live on Friday, May 7th for special guest Privada Cigar Club and LCA. Join the conversation about the industry, drop comments, and learn of his blends.
YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W98NniHO-9E
Don’t miss it!

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