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Viaje Birthday Blend 2024 Criollo 98 Collector’s Edition

This month’s drop from Viaje Cigars brings us PART 2 of the ever popular Viaje [...]

Viaje Birthday Blend 2024 Collector’s Edition

This month’s drop from Viaje Cigars is not just any release, it is the much-anticipated [...]

Viaje Full Moon returns with some new sizes!

The halloween season is upon us and Viaje cigars are bringing some great releases. Each [...]

Viaje 15th Anniversary Black, Silver, and Gold Pt. II

Viaje Cigars, the OG’s of the monthly limited drops, are celebrating their 15th anniversary. True [...]

Viaje Satori Zen, Karma, and Nirvana

Not seen since 2018, the much anticipated Viaje Satori returns in three sizes! Originally a [...]

Viaje Exclusivo Leaded and Unleaded

The long-standing, ever popular tradition from Viaje cigars is the feature for this month’s release. [...]

Viaje TNT, Viaje C4, Viaje Fireworks Roman Candle, and Viaje Flashing Thunder! Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! The Independence Day staple cigars from Viaje Cigar Company are shipping [...]

Viaje Birthday Blend 2023 and Viaje Scotch Bonnet

Unfortunately not much is known about the official release of these two cigars; however, I [...]

Viaje Skull and Bones Red Trio

Viaje has this special quality of rich flavor in their blends. Whether it’s a long-aged [...]

Viaje The Falchion Honey & Hand Grenades Maduro and Corojo

Talk about exciting releases! Each month, Viaje cigars release a new blend, or two, as [...]