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LCA Plus W.A. Whitman by AJ Fernandez

“Let’s go have a drink and smoke a cigarette.” The next installment of LCA’s W.A. [...]

OGT Cigar Society Subscription A Fistful of Smoke by AJ Fernandez

So last week, when I wrote an introduction to this month’s society subscription cigar, some [...]

The T Habano Cigar by Calwell, Booth, and AJ Fernandez

The T. Habano, or perhaps the Spice Bomb. Maybe not completely, but this stick definitely [...]

AJ Fernandez Año Viejo 2023 and his Subterraneo cigars

Anyone who has enjoyed cigars has probably heard the name AJ Fernandez. One of the [...]

LCA Año Viejo 2023 by AJ Fernandez

Thursday, Jan. 5th at 9pm CA time/12am est. The sequel to last year’s turn of [...]

Caldwell Cigars The T. Maduro Box Pressed Toro by Caldwell and AJ Fernandez

Let’s talk origin stories. Several years before OGT even existed, when I was obsessed with [...]

LCA Plus Red Ryder Robusto by AJ Fernandez

It’s the holiday season, and what do I enjoy more than spending time with family, [...]

OGT Green Label, Privada Cigar Club and AJ Fernandez exclusive

Whelp. here it is. At the beginning of the year, I posted a YouTube video [...]

Privada Cigar Club LCA Subterraneo Mercury by AJ Fernandez

Drops Thursday, August 4th at 9pm CA Time/12am est. As some may or may not [...]

Subterraneo Cigar Collection by Privada Cigar Club and AJ Fernandez

Subterraneo cigars. More are coming back to OGT cigars. You have probably heard me talk [...]

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