About us

Owners Mallory and Eric Drazin

Greetings from Oak Glen Tobacconist,

We are the Drazin Family. My wife and I, have lived and worked in Oak Glen, California for over eleven years.

During that time, I worked as an event coordinator, and an Artistic Director for a professional theatre company. In the background, I had developed a love for tobacco and cigars, which later evolved into- what I would call, an obsession.

I love the passion behind excellent craftsmanship and blending, but most of all, I love the conversation they promote, the community they create, and the friends they bring together. For these reasons, my wife and I have began to the project of Oak Glen Tobacconist; a refined cigar shop offering boutique cigars by the world’s most talented cigar makers. We wish not only to create a cigar experience, educational and accessible to smokers, but bring a community together. We are housed in the Wilshire Apple Shed who hosts a gift shop and gourmet coffee house. Together we host brand releases, projector nights, dance nights, chess and poker events, tastings, and much more!

We are dedicated to bringing you great service, community, and, of course, great cigars. God bless and welcome to the family of Oak Glen Tobacconist! Where conversation lights up!